Ryam's Recent Radio Interview Experience and Issues of Bisexuality

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Hello all,

Whether bisexual, gay/lesbian, or hetero, it seems that folks of all sexes can be in families where they are not sexual with some of the people due to all kinds of factors. This does not mean they don't love these folks--sex isn't the only defining characteristic of a close, intimate relationship.

I also identify as hetero, as have all my family partners. While emotionally I have loved women just as much as my male spouses, to this point I haven't had an interest in having sex with them. I really believe to each his own in this matter and find "political correctness" attributed to bisexuality (or any sexual choice) to be offensive.

Just a note on radio interviews. I just got blown off for a scheduled interview (right at air time) with a national show. It was because they wanted me to be the counterpoint to a woman who wrote a book on sexual fidelity--she says that intimacy and commitment are important to relationships. I told them I totally agree except I don't think that there's any arbitrary reason to limit that intimacy and commitment to just one other. So, no show. Oh well.

Ryam Nearing Coeditor Loving More Magazine

Ryam Nearing