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Please note Polyamorists, you need to be mindful of the settings for the group. If the settings are set to public, then the members and posts of that group can be seen by nonmembers.

When a group settings are Private then posts cannot be seen by nonmembers. Members of the group can be seen by nonmembers though.

When group settings are Secret, no one can see into it or find the group in search unless they are a member.

Make sure that you place your membership on the group setting you desire and know the difference before joining. You do not want to OUT yourself to your entire Facebook friends news feed by joining a Polyamory Group. The question you need to ask and answer.

Is your membership setting Private or Secret?

Public Groups on Polyamory

Secret Polyamory Groups

In order to join a Secret Polyamory Group you must be invited. Again as stated above membership is only by invitation. One way you may discover secret groups is by interacting with other Polyamorists who may know of them.

Private/Secret Group on Polyamory

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