For Just One Moment

Mostly cloudly, the weatherman would call it.
But that doesn't do justice to its beauty.
The moon is just a half-circle smear in the sky,
And one bright star shines through a break in the clouds.
For just one moment, I am alone; just the moon, the star, and I.

Then I turn to hear the laughter behind me.
In the living room of my dear friend's house,
My dear friends laugh
and smile
and kiss
and hug
and rub each other's shoulders
and flirt
and touch
and love.
They love each other with their hands
and their lips
and their voices
and their hearts.
A number of them have blessed my bed
and have sweated
and have moaned
and have come.
Not only have they joined me, they have joined each other, In combinations to numerous to count.

For just one moment, I am not alone; each one is my true love.

Down the hill, the city glows, With the brightness of a million globes of electric lights.

I wish each of those houses could glow like my dear friend's house glows, With the brightness of like, lust, and love, For just one moment.