Touched By You Both
Jon Melusky


The hugs from you both are sometimes too hot in July
. In winter, they are perfectly delicious with time to linger.
Why can't you ask each other questions?
Why can't you pose the tough ones and the squicky ones?
Why can't I push you to ask them?

I should push you out of the past.....
but then you'll get lazy in loving the 3 of us.
Why can't I pull your tongues like in bed?
Why can't I pull you onto the internet?

It ain't so scary, it ain't like the end is near.
Language is what you get a pay check for so let's
please let's continue at home! Please...*sigh*
Here it comes.... The micro-ultimatum that makes me sad.
Why do I make myself write poems that sit on the screen?
Patience is my only hope and it usually works for some reason.
Well, jokes have their own life and hope also.
We 3 love those inside jokes, bonding like tree sap ya know?

Let's climb trees again, like we did last Spring...(^:
Let's fix that fruity scented death trap of a car and...
Well, how about some communication first.
Spring is the time for rejuvination after all.
Let's be like break down that Berlin wall
and be in everyones pockets worldwide! Yeah!

Ok, how dost I put this poem into deeds for my loves?
I think we should reunite in a timeless place out of context.
Maybe a nearby cave, that is cold like January inside deep
and the underneath feelings can spread out across that floor.
I gotta take a flashlight though. so ya both don't get scared.
What else we need?

Copyright May, 1998 by Jon Melusky. All rights

Jon Melusky