A Whisper in the Night

On swiftly silent feet it came
It's gentle whisper called my name
In the shadows it boldly hid
It's hungry call I tried to rid
From my haunted mind.

I tried to ignore it's seductive voice,
It tried to say I had no choice.
I tried to force my ears to close
I would not let it sway the path I chose.
The voice it grew stronger.

It haunted me both day and night
I found I did not want to fight
I wanted to give in to it's seductive call
And yet I did not wish to fall
Into the darkness from which it came.

It's hunger stirred longing in my heart
It worked on me it's skillful art
I found I no longer wanted to fight
I wanted to give into this gentle night.
And yet I was not free.

Oh, what a torment this
How I longed for its gentle kiss
I know now what the whisper was
And the hunger of it's cause
Love came calling me...

-- Moyra

Copyright 2000 Moyra