I think therefore I am
I feel therefore I am human
But before I met you
My thoughts were trivial
My feelings unfledged.
I was like a butterfly in her cocoon
With so much potential
But too afraid to break free.
Though my soul hungred to fly
I dared not shed my bonds
For honor, for family, for pride
I would refuse my potential.
How could I go against all I was taught?
And yet when I met you
You gave wings to my heart
And showed me the world outside.
Through your eyes I saw my potential
And with your strength
I severed my bonds.
Bursting forth from my prison
I could see the truth of freedom
I know that I could be who I pleased
If not for you I would be dead inside
The spark would have died
For as a butterfly unable to get free of itís cocoon
I would have died if I didnít spread my wings.
To me you will always be FREEDOM!!

-- Moyra

© Copyright 2000 Moyra