Light and Dark

Lover Light and Lover Dark that is how I call them,
Lover Light has eyes the color of summer skies,
With hair like the bright sun rising,
In him there is love and laughter,
He is the one who brings light to my day.
Lover Dark has eyes near the color of the night,
With hair like dark waves riseing,
In him there is love and peace,
He is the darkness in which I hide.
Together they complete me.
Like halves of a single coin,
They are the same and diffrent.
My Lovers are my strength when I am weak,
My peace when I am in turmoil,
Their love uplifts me holding me away from the edge.
Together they keep back the darkness of my soul
They quench my thirst and feed my hunger
They are my love and my life
Together we are complete.
-- Moyra

Copyright 1999 Moyra