The Blessing

By the starlight that is spun in your eyes,
By the moonlight that lights our path,
By the soft gentle rain that brought us here,
I give my heart to you this night.

In blue eyes as deep as a summer shadow,
In brown eyes that reflect the bottomless of night,
There in their eyes spin the stars of my heart,
Within them I am reflected.

Under the gentle gaze of the moon,
Her fair fingers caressing their faces,
Her light blessing the night in which we stood,
In the veil of her light it began.

Eyes of blue drew me onto the starlit path,
Eyes of brown steadied my step when I faltered,
Together they uphold me in the darkness,
These my guiding stars.

The Lady has blessed us with her light,
The gentle rain that fell cleansed our weary hearts,
In their eyes she has placed the stars,
To guide me through the night.

-- Moyra

Copyright 1999 Moyra