The Unanswered Question

Floating in the darkness bleak,
My hungry and lonely soul did seek,
To find the light where I once stood,
Back in the days when all was good.
Years have I worked in vain,
To untangle this tattered skein,
Which was once my balanced life,
Now it is filled with loss and strife.
I stood there praying for the light.

Then like a blessed beacon shown,
Through the darkness of the unknown,
A sweet a gentle light unfurled
Lighting my once dark and dreary world.
The bearer was a strong and special Man,
Who carried the light of love in his hand.
He drew me nearer to his heart,
And whispered that we should quickly part.
In the light of his love I walked from this darkened world.

He brought me joy and love and hope,
He offered me his heart and to share his hope.
He accepted my dark and dreadful past,
And said with his light it wouldn't last.
He offered to me to share his name,
And in my love I did proclaim,
That he would be my one true love.
And my heart it flew like a soaring dove.
For the love of a good and gentle man.

For years our lives together were bound,
Our love was tested true and sound.
Then the darkness crept back into my life,
His light no longer kept out the strife.
His attention it turned astray,
To keep the troubles of life at bay.
His attention I tried to seek,
But into his new life I could not peek.
Lonliness, resentment, and doubt filled my mind.

Just as I thought my love and I should part,
Though it nearly broke my heart,
A handsome stranger came into my life,
And helped me understand my strife.
He brought to me a sense of peace,
An end to hunger and a sweet release,
From the jealous anger that plagued my soul,
And I knew with him I could reach my goal
To meet my Love halfway.

The more of this handsome stanger I knew,
The more my deep confusion grew.
For in him I found my needs fulfilled,
I let my hunger for him inside me build.
For my Love I would not betray,
I cursed my heart to make me feel this way.
How dare I care for someone not my Love,
Not for anything would I put this man above,
The commitment that I made.

So to my Love I did confess,
My hunger and my lonliness.
I told him of the stranger fair,
In hopes that he would understand my care.
My Love he surprised me true,
He said to bring him this stranger new,
For with him he wished to share,
My unfulfilled needs and my care.
Thus my Lover the Stranger did become.

Now with balance sweet restored,
My love and care I no longer ward.
My Love and I we grow anew
With this man to show us through
The darkness that crept inside.
Together, we three, no longer hide,
From the demands that haunt us still,
Together we have bound our will
Fate has brought us here.

-- Moyra

Copyright 1999 Moyra