NRE [New Relationship Energy]
Adrienne Parker

Hello all. What comes up for me in regards to NRE [New Relationship Energy] is that understanding it for what it is can really help. That said, what in the heck is it? In recent writings here I've heard people describe it as both a wonderful fantasy as well as nothing better than attention from a drunk at a bar. To me it's like relating to a person on a real soul to soul level. You see in another and another sees in you, a spark of your real true potential. We find them and they find us so damn exciting because we really are! Imagine that. I understand this isn't all we are but revelation through altered brain chemicals or not doesn't mean it's an illusion. I love it now when I get those glimpses of my husband and how he appeared to me when we were all caught up in NRE [New Relationship Energy].

As far as I'm concerned, that is the real him that I sometimes forget about. Fortunately there is enough resonance between us that we work very well also when caught up in our mundane, sometimes boring, sometimes exciting but all in all very comforting and stable life together. With others the NRE [New Relationship Energy] works great for a day, week, month or year and then when the mundane sets in we sometimes find we don't care to share that person's particular way of being in the world on a day to day basis with them. But this doesn't mean they really aren't the fascinating creatures we once saw in them. It just means that in this physical realm during this particular time in our lives and evolution there are other things to be considered.

Just some thoughts.


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