Protect Me from Myself
Strong Lead

Author Notes

Protect me from myself
Lest I show everyone that I'm naught but a fool.
Since the vices of the world could consume me
Allowing their indulgence would be cruel.

Protect me from myself
Lest I be captured by drugs' deadly lure.
If I fall, be sure to lock me up in jail
So I'm motivated to follow the 12-step cure.

Protect me from myself
Lest gambling trap me with the illusion of quick gain.
I must be barred from the gaming table
To prevent financial ruin and the resulting pain.

Protect me from myself
Lest I engage in unwholesome sexual expression.
Our children must be protected
Before they can succumb to a wrong impression.

Protect me from myself
Lest I espouse an unpopular belief.
We must protect other's delicate sensibilities
Harmony must be preserved to insure their relief.

Protect me from myself
Lest I worship God the wrong way.
Since He is on the side of the Lawgivers
I must worship however they say.

Protect me from myself
Lest I speak out against oppression.
We must respect the authority of our leaders,
Following whatever they tell us in their next session.

Protect me from myself
Lest I take action against the powers that be.
Their order prevents total chaos
Making the world secure for me.

Protect me from myself
Lest I hear the chime of freedom's bell.
Entrusting myself to run my own life
Is a recipe for creating a living hell.

Copyright 1999 Strong Lead
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