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Most of the information and links that you will find on this page have no association with the Polyamory Society. This page is presented as a contact point for reporters and media elements who want links to interviews or to meet PolyFolks in the Polyamorous Community who are publicly out.

The Polyamory Society advises Polyamorists against making contact with the media due to past negative experiences that have occured with coming out in this way. These experiences include loss of children, jobs, loss of extended family support and relationship complications.

If your PolyFamily has children please, do not put your children and family at risk
by coming out to the general public or by being interviewed and making contact with the
Media/ Press!!!

See Below...

PolyFamily Child Taken Away After Appearing on MTV Show About Polyamory...

PolyFamily Child Custody Case Ends After 2 Year Battle...

We ask all parties to remember that this page is for information purposes only and no individual, group or link on this page represents the Polyamory Society in any way.


If you are a Polyamorist without children and would not mind speaking to the press about Poly relationships send us an e-mail message below and we will add your name and e-mail address to the Speakers List.


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