"The thoughts, ideas and definitions are our own, meant to apply to ourselves only, rather than defining words for the world. You can revise any of the definitions or any other part to fit your own beliefs. This document is intended to be non-copywrite material, free use."

Hugs, Robin

Relationship Agreement

Dated: xx/xx/xx


Our relationship will be defined as polyamorous with primary, secondary And tertiary designations.

If spontaneous sexual encounters occur then primaries and secondaries must be told as soon as possible afterward, if not beforehand, and absolutely before having sex with primaries and secondaries again. Safer sex is expected to be used even in these circumstances.


Safer sex will be practiced with everyone, except primaries, after all primaries involved have agreed otherwise.

STD testing:

Full STD testing will be done annually by primary and secondary and results disclosed to all sexually involved.

STD testing must be done (within a reasonable timeframe) by both partners before initial sexual contact.

Sex shall not be initiated until a minimum of:

- 1 month of time in the relationship has passed.
- Mutual feelings of love are established.
- Permission of primaries and secondaries has been granted.

Boundaries in our relationships:

- Unusual sexual practices must be disclosed to partners before engaging in them.
- Only we may have sex on our bed.
- No illegal substances are permitted in our home or our cars.


My primaries will have veto power over my new relationships to protect the stability of the established family. Veto must be given within 1 week unless special circumstances apply.


- Each can spend up to $-blank- / month on our secondaries.
- Each can spend up to $-blank- / birthday on our secondaries.


If a person(s) plans to join the household full discussions on division of chores, money issues, and expected responsibilities must happen before the person(s) move in.

Goals for our loving relationships:

- Total truth, honesty, & communication between all partners.
- Companionship.
- Variety of partners.
- Maximum amount of love possible.
- Respect.
- Safety from STDs.
- Daily interaction when possible.
- Stable relationships.
- Same household living is desired but not required.
- Long distance relationships are not preferred.
- Any new relationships should involve people who live in the 7 county metro area.

Definitions (for our own purposes):

Chosen Family:

A situation where different people are involved with each other and love one another, willing to help each other when needed, and comfortable to ask for help if needed. May involve a ceremony.


May or may not be considered family, but interacts with a person, by phone, email, and in person regularly.


- Vaginal and anal intercourse.
- Mouth to genitals or nipples.
- Hand or body contact to genitals w/ the intent to stimulate.
- Any BDSM is considered sexual.

Special Circumstances pertaining to Sex are subject to discussion and possible waiver of applicable rules for a predetermined timeframe.


- Kissing (except nipples & genitals).
- Caressing (except genitals).
- Nudity.


- Love.
- Sexual.
- Long-term commitment.
- After a ceremony.
- Is considered family.


- Love.
- Sexual.
- Possibly a long term commitment.
- Before a ceremony.
- May be considered family.


- Love.
- More than friends.
- Non-sexual.

Ron and Robin