That Night
Silas Knight

I long for the day
On our bed at night
Knowing that body on body
On body was right.

My shoulders were pillows
My arms curled tight
Like blankets on bodies
Adrift in the night.

I knew who I was
When their hands clasped tight
As lovers on my chest
Making love to the night.
I wish for those days
When we clung to the night
Three lovers were one
And I knew it was right.

I thought it was done
Our games in the night
But the shadows of bodies
on bodies appear in the light.

Now my soul's missing
Lost from my sight
And the hope of three bodies
Fills my dreams at night.

The bodies love in shadow
And remind of my plight
And all that dams tears
Are eyelids closed tight.
So I look back on the day
In our bed late at night
Knowing body on body
On body was right.

Copyright 1999 Silas Knight

Silas Knight