I Remember
To Belladonna and Mystery
Silas Knight

I remember Olympus
As a God, with my Goddess
And her Goddess,
When we bathed together in the moon
And we slept together in the sky,
A loving embrace of arms and breasts and stars.

I remember when I was a land
A magnificent land of hills and rivers.
And my Goddess and her Goddess
Would spend their days running
And playing and dancing and making love
Over my hills and rivers.

I remember when they ran as deer
Running as lithe and lovely deer
Swimming through my verdant woods,
Partners and lovers to the virgin Diana
Their dance a sacrifice to the virgin Diana.

I remember when they huddled for warmth
As they crossed the sea of Bast
The dark and lovely sea of Bast
I was the boat that loved them,
My wooden embrace sheltered them
From wind and rain and storm,
And as the protector
I was protected.

I remember when we dined at the table of Oberon,
In the transient dreamland of the fey
In the twilight dreamland of the fulsome fey
Where memory is but a memory.
And a night can last one thousand years
And we sang and we laughed and sang and laughed and sang.

And I remember when we lost the Goddess
Of my Goddess
As she traveled East to the land of Nod
To learn from the Gods of three eyes
And one thousand arms.

My Goddess still soars with angelic wings
High over the purple skies of yesterday
And I am her feathers, and I am her wings,
And I am the dew in her eyes,
As she stares forever toward the rising sun.

Copyright 1999 Silas Knight

Silas Knight