Silas Knight

When two people love each other very much,
They decide to never love anyone else as much again.
Monogamy is a state of mind.
A fascist state.

Why is it a virtue to close ourselves from others?
Why do we take pride in our self-imposed isolation from loving the people we're near?
Just because you're only sleeping with one person doesn't mean its not abstinence.
There is nothing wrong in seeking shelter in another's arms, in another's body, but why do we push
away all other open arms in the
process? Who the fuck decided that it was wrong to love more than one person?
If we can look at another person, can we not find the attractive?
If we find another person attractive, can we not consider them desirable?
If we find someone desirable, can we not fall in love?
And if we can fall in love with someone, can we not love them?
I know you can love without touch, but why would on earth would you chose to?

Is it mere coincidence that two people lying face to face will be awkwardly smacking knees and
arms and noses, but we can spoon back
to back to back ad infinitum?

Copyright 1999 Silas Knight

Silas Knight