Tony O.

Not quite asleep.

You and me and she
tumbled and rumpled.
Arms and arms and arms
lightly touching
in sweet repose.

Heat there was
heat there may be
once more in the
of relationship.

Yet just now
heat is a memory.
Urgency, a concept
from another time.
All desire quenched.

Drifting in the
comfortable warmth
our bodies radiate
in the musk filled
lovelair of our nest.

I turn to you
she settles
along my spine
arms and arms and arms

Drifting into
other realms
Memory colors
reality's pathway.

I'm in the middle.
Too warm there for you.
And, you need the edge.
Snug in between,
this middle path is mine.

Gifted and blessed
by love's presence,
love's power.
Asking no questions
I drift off to sleep.

To wake again soon
in lustful desire
I find you two
with me
asleep just for now.

With gentle soft touches
I stroke you awake
as smiles come to faces
we venture again
to follow our bliss.

In sweaty contentment
the moon through the window
finds lovers tri-mingled
and joins in the play.
Copyright 1999 Tony Oliveri (use with my permission only)

Tony O.