What Do You Want?

Visualize whatever it is that you want for yourself. See yourself having what you want, being the way that you want, doing what you want. Fill your picture with detail.

Many people have finely tuned picture of what they don'' want, but a very vague and blurry picture of what they do want. This activity encourages you to spend more time focusing on the picture of what you do want.

Example: For someone unhappy in his/her job:

1. List all the things you want in a job.

2. List all the things you know how to do.

3. Imagine a job title that sums up both what you want and are capable of doing. Make a detailed picture of that.

4. Keep bringing the image into focus at various times during the day.

Reference: Enhancing Self Esteem, by Diane Frey Ph D & C. Carlock Ph D, Accelerated Development Inc., Indiana 1989.