Water Bro

Light finger touches caressing her body

Suspended in warm nurturing fluid

we are drawn together for one purpose

Passion Passion Passion

Thoughts release while time stands still

Hours seem like minutes while days seem like years

Floating in warm gentle love

Protected in my special sanctuary

Drifting in my see of love Boldly on view for others

As lover, we are three

Energy fills my body as it is passed to the next

Only to be received by the one on the left

From there it is gifted to our mother the earth

To be returned as love in our hearts

Feeling as three

Feeling as two

Feeling as one

Our hearts overflow as we hold each other and grow

Swelling with pride because it is so

six hands six feet 3 lips

*WOW* this is neat!

1999 by Water Bro

Water Bro