Water Bro

There was an intimate conversation

with four wonderful souls

I was there with my heart

and you were there with yours

My heart was shy

searching for the words of my new feelings

The words came out of my mouth but....

I did not say all that my heart spoke to me.

As we lay together

Chakra to chakra heart to heart

I felt out hearts

open to each other

The conversation was more like a symphony

than the pleasant words lovers say

Did I really hear your heart secrets?

Did you sense the beauty in us?

Did you hear my heart secrets?

Those private thoughts from deep in my soul?

I know you felt them

I could see it in your eyes

The way your breasts

touched my chest ... not wanting to say good bye

Lingering touches

Soft lip caresses

feeling our hearts openly caressing each other.

Safe....secure..... touching ... reaching.. up to our souls

Yes yes yes we scream

I appreciate you...... so close to my heart!

Water Bro

2000 by Water Bro

Water Bro