MISSION STATEMENT: The Polyamory Community Family and Friends Alliance was founded to provide a positive bridge of support and education between friends and relatives of Polyamorists and the Polyamory Community. This bridge of support and education will be achieved by:

1. Educating members about PolyRelationships;

2. Educating members about PolyFamilies;

3. Providing support to Polyamorists, their spouses children and loved ones;

4.Bring together friends and family members who support the Polyamory Community;

5. Mutually sharing with each other;

6. Mutually celebrating with each other;

7. Create strategies to overcome ignorance and changing attitudes of cultures dominated by monogamy toward co-existing with Polyamory Communities;

8. Providing an alliance and mutual support network in a confidential setting;

9. Changing public policies and affect social attitudes;

10. Helping to foster tolerance toward Polyamory;

11. Helping PolyRelationships and PolyFamilies integrate into society;

12. Providing a safe forum to learn and ventilate with other Alliance members about Polyamory issues and their coping strategies and

13. Providing a forum for Alliance families and friends to stand up and speak out for their loved ones in order to dispel misconceptions about Polyamory.

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