What I like about Poly Sex
Black Eagle

One spouse is at our husband's place. I'm with my other spouse. With both, I have unique relationships.

With one, I have that quiet time when I become quite a beast. My love making is a train of giving gradually increasing pleasure, assuring me of the same. With the other, the same thing quickly escalates into me receiving pleasure. One likes short love-making times, lots of cuddling. The other likes a few hours. For one, a quicky is 5 minutes. For the other, it's 20. Both open my heart and soul with love and passion.

Passion opens me up from the inside and wraps around my lover's bodies and souls. It fills me with joyful feelings that last all day. Love making begins with a glance, proceeds to gentle touch, soft talk and simple kisses. It builds and ends with holding, gentle touches, soft talking and simple kisses. Love making starts hours before loving and ends hours later.

Love making is making sure my sweet SilverMoon has time with Salamander, making sure she has time with Snow Bird, making sure the three of them sometimes have time together. Love making is running an errand for one of the family because they can't.

I love my sweet family by doing fun things with them, with talking with them about their problems, by being a shoulder to cry on, by passing touches, quick kisses, easy glances. I love them because they are many as well as because they are individual. I love them because I have more than one, so I can leave one alone when he or she wants to be and still have a love I can be with. I love them because I can be alone and know I'm not making another be alone when they would rather not be.

The sex is incredible -- familiar and varied at the same time. And the sex overflows into everything by bringing its wonderful glow into everyday life. This sex with lust and love and passion and gentleness and desire is better than any monogamous love. Thank you, sweet lovers, for you.

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