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Mission:The mission of the Polyamory Society Legal Affairs Division is to focus on class actions and other cases of broad significance and impact.  To provide legal advice and representation to the Board of Trustees and the President regarding the activities of the Polyamory Society to ensure maximum protection of the legal rights and maintain the Societies operation within the limits permitted by Law.  The Legal Affairs Division shall also provide legal advice and representation of its autonomous Local Chapters.  The Polyamory Legal Affairs Division provides legal assistance to individual victims of Civil Rights violations.  The Legal Affairs Division shall also develop and maintain research, pleading, briefs and other legal resources for the use of its Local Chapters and a network of cooperating attorneys who assist the Society with litigation and other legal affairs.  The Legal Affairs Division shall sponsor a continuing legal education program for the Polyamory Society cooperating attorneys and other Civil Right advocates each year in connection with the Societies Annual Convention.  Persons who know of cases where the Societies assistance is needed should contact the Division.

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