Line & A Dot
Lionors Troy

Warren & Fred What can I say?
They are of the Summer beach
& I am of the Winter snows
They of the South, I of the North
We are a continent and a world apart
Can we ever confess the thoughts of our hearts?
I am the quiet white snow that glows in the moonlight
and sparkles in the sun
They are two wild waves that live on the sea
Playing with the spirit that rides on the wave
Can we ever meet?
Shall we meet between Winter and Summer?
During a Minnesota March
full of mud, dirty snow, and puddles everywhere
Shall we meet between Summer and Winter?
When the trees blaze with brilliance of color
dazzling the eye and the spirit
Warren & Fred
They do not know that I love them both
And so Each believing that I love the other
have both removed themselves from the life that could be ours
A wall exists between us all
Built with bricks of inability and fear
Would that I could destroy it
Oh! Can our worlds ever meet?

Lionors Troy