Polyamory Society Membership

Levels of Membership

LEVEL 1: New Member:  A candidate must take 3 courses.  (Done Online or by Mail When Available)

(1) Polyamory Basics 101

(2) How to Resolve Differences in Sustainable Multilevel Relationships
      -Conflict Resolution

(3) Group Decision Making Skills

(4) All materials will be supplied by the Polyamory Society. 

(5) Certificate of Completion mailed upon candidate(s) fulfillment of
LEVEL 2: Practicing Members

Those who are actually in a relationship and have completed "Level 1" are eligible for "Practicing Membership."  Simply send a formal letter stating that you are in a relationship(s).  Have your partner(s) sign it along with your own signature and a certificate of completion will be sent to you.

How to Form a Local Chapter

Inquires or Comments