The word Polyamory is a new term encompassing the old definition of polygamy. There are many myths and stereotypes about people in traditional polygamous relationships and the public must be educated about this. The general public needs education in order for the movement to bring about positive social change in favor of Polyamory on a societal level. One of the goals of the Polyamory Society is to educate the general public about the difference between the honesty, ethics and emotional commitment of Polyamory and the lying, cheating and deception of some who have committed themselves to a monogamous path. Obviously the latter has no ethical standing and is not a part of present day Polyamory or the traditional polygamous communities. Adultery is a monogamous concept. We are not saying that all monogamous relationships are adulterous but there is no similar term found in the Polyamory community other than dishonoring lifestyle agreements that you have made with your partners. Instead of the concept of adultery the Polyamory community has the concept of compersion, the opposite of jealousy. Compersion is the feeling of happiness in knowing that others you love share joy with each other, especially taking joy in the knowledge that your beloveds are expressing their love for one another. The term was coined by the Keristan Commune in San Francisco which practiced Polyfidelity. Kerista disbanded in the early 1990's. The Polyamory Society is committed to educating the world about the essential differences between Polyamory and monogamy. Furthermore the Polyamory Society is committed to dispelling the myth of Polyamory being a promiscuous lifestyle. Polyamorists are not sexually irresponsible or promiscuous. Polyamory is about a group of people coming together in an attempt to achieve multiple, sustainable, emotionally committed, strong relationships. Responsibility and maturity in all its forms is the cornerstone of Polyamorous relationships. This is another element the Polyamory Society is committed to bring to the attention of the general public.