The largest mission of the Polyamory Society is the protection of children of Polyamorous unions. This mission is too critical and detailed to be covered or buried only in a Polyamory Relationship Contractual Agreement. The protection and the support of our Polychildren requires its own separate contract and special emphasis. The Polychildren Contractual Agreement should be reinforced by the Polyamory Relationship Contractual Agreement. The Society will provide a separate standard contractual agreement that Polyfamilies can use as a guideline to protect Polychildren and document their rights and the responsibilities for them. The standard contractual agreement will include all the basic elements such as:

1. Emergency Care Rights and Responsibilities
2. Living Will Agreements
3. Grandparent Rights and Boundaries
4. Extended Family Members Rights and Boundaries
5. Polyfamily Medical Visitation Rights
6. Polyfamily Support Agreements and Polyfamily Break up Agreements That Stresses the Importance and Responsibility of Individual Members to Stay Involved in the Childrens Lives in the Event of Polyfamily Divorce.