The present day Insurance Industry believes that they have the right to determine our family and relationship models by dictating who or what family or relationship models constitutes insurability.  This rigidity  is limiting progress towards the new family models of the next century.  The Industry is fully aware of emerging models such as Same Sex families and PolyFamilies in all of their infinite shapes and configurations.  You would think that the Insurance Industry would be glad to extend coverage and services to these new families or customers.  The conservative Insurance Industry has not embraced this new market yet.  This is why the Progressive Family Insurance Cooperative must be established to demonstrate and lead the other Insurance Companies to the new family marketplace.  The Progressive Family Insurance Cooperative should offer but not be limited to the following:

1. Health
      (a) Preventive Care
      (b) Prescriptions and Refills
      (c) Emergency Care
      (d) Short and Long Term Disability Care
      (e) Elective Surgery
      (f) Dental Care
      (g) Optical Care and Services
      (h) Chiropractic Care
      (i) Alternative Care and Services

2. Life:  You can name whom ever you want as your beneficiary(ies).  If asked about the nature of the relationships you should state "business partners" because of commonly owned property such as books, TV, radio, dishes, car or any property that you own together.

3. Homeowners Insurance:  Usually

4. Personal Property Insurance

5. Business Insurance

6. Auto Insurance:  Most auto insurance policies currently will allow the policy owner to put whom ever they want on their auto insurance policy.