Polyamorists vary a great deal in their attitudes toward casual or recreational sex.  Some approve; some (particularly Polyfidelitous relationships) do not.  In any case, polyamory is about stable intimate, emotionally committed relationships rather than casual sex.  Swinging is defined as recreational sexual activity, also called "sport sex" where partner(s) or participant(s) agree to have casual sex with each other(s).  There is usually no emotional involvement. Swingers generally practice recreational sex activities without the development of love, affection or personal intimacy. With polyamory, there is no such restriction, and the intent is to allow such emotional intimacy to exist, develop, and grow between the people involved. Swinging is a form of monogamy in which usually two primary partners agree to have casual sex with other couples or singles.  Swingers have their own organizations, newsletters, and contact networks.  They are not likely to find much of an interest in Polyamory except by coincidence.  The Polyamory and  Swing communities are allies under the alternative lifestyles banner. Many swingers have transitioned to Polyamory through their desire to be emotionally committed in a multipartnered relationship.

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