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Loving More Magazine

Family Tree Organization

This is the major national magazine on Polyamory and its related web site.

This Polyamory group is based in Boston with participants from the New England states.

alt.polyamory Home Page

Polyamory? What? Why? How?

An introduction to Polyamory, in non-threatening terms, for people unfamiliar with it, and it also offers a number of resources for people in polyamorous relationships with partners who self-identify as monogamous. It also includes such things as a Secondary's Bill of Rights.

This is the Home Page for the Usenet newsgroup, if your web browser supports newsgroups. This is one of the oldest, reliable and well established sources of Polyamory information on the Internet. alt.polyamory is the custodians of the alt.polyamory Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) information pages.

The Sacred Space Institute

Poly Pride Day

Poly Pride Day needs help in order to spread the word! Tell everyone you know about Poly Pride Day

This is Dr. Deborah Anapol's Contribution to Polyamory

Pali Paths

Poly People on the Web

Has a listing of Polyamorous people who have home pages and Email addresses with links.

Honolulu Polyamory Network

World Polyamory Association

An Uncondtional Love Online Poly Magazine

This site is dedicated to the exploration of polyamory, and is based on the idea that many people are ready for the experience of giving and receiving love without conditions. Polyamory means to be loved without conditions and risking being seen for who we really are. There are different definitions of polyamory. Some focus upon sexual behavior while some focus upon emotions. For many, loving more than one person feels congruent and natural.

Join the CHOICE movement! Investigate the possibilities of a polyamorous (more than one love) lifestyle. Ask us how you can make more love in your life, relate from your highest self with your lovers and housemates, uplevel jealousy into compersion (joy at your lovers' joy), and give them each the love, intimacy, attention, companionship, touch and sexual-loving they need. Create a loving support and create true, inner peace with your extended family, your tribe.

Lifestyles Organizations


Brief History of Lifestyle Organizations and Their Alignment to The Polyamory Movement

Polyamory Awareness and Acceptance Ribbon Campaign


Polyamour Network

Internet resource on Polyamory listing groups, web sites, meetings and literature.

A multi-language Poly website and network from Southern France.

A Pagan Polyamory Page

The PolyChildren Index

With personal notes by Isaac Bonewits

Quotes from Ryam Nearing and others for and about PolyChildren

The Polyamorist Political Action Committee

Relationship LLCs

Freedom requires effort - learn how you can help.

A new contractual relationship model for Polyamorists.