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This is a collection of local Polyamory support/ discussion groups, web pages. Some of the pages hosted by the Society and others are not. The Society's goal is to provide a comprehensive web address where all local Polyamory support/discussion groups can be represent with their own web page on the World Wide Web. We believe that it is important that the Internet Polyamorous Community be able to locate local groups in their area.

How To Start A Local Polyamory Support/Discussion Group with background

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Host Your Polyamory Local Support/Social Group Web Pages Here

It is our goal to provide free web space to every local Polyamorous support/discussion groups that want a web page. Linda, our Webmaster, has agreed to assist those local PolyActivists or PolyOrganizers who have no web page creation skills.

Linda - PolyActivist Network Consultant

Hi My name is Linda and I want to assist your Poly support/ discussion group in getting the most exposure and promotion in your local community. I am committed to help you group create their own newsletter, flyers and web page that serves you local groups personality and needs. Drop me a line and we will start that creating and promoting your group.

Polyamory Support/Social Network Newsletter & Flyer Services
(6 Flyer/Newsletter Templates each to choose from)

This is a collection of 6 newsletter templates for local support/discussion groups to choose from for their newsletter. Select one of the templates by clicking on it, then address all the appropriate information that the template asks for on the page and forward the information in an e-mail message to with the words "Newsletter Information" in the subject heading.

Once your newsletter is completed, you can take newsletter to a local quick printer in your local area and have a determined quantity printed on 11x14 color paper stock that the PolyActivist chooses with one fold in the middle of the 11x14 paper. If the you pay more than .26 cents per copy than the you are paying too much. Please remember Lionors' rules of newsletter production -less is more, keep it simple and the goal of a good newsletter is to share common experiences.

Donate and Suggest Your Polyamory Local Support/Social Group Articles Here

This is where PolyWriters, PolyActivists and the PolyFriendly can provide suggestions for newsletter articles or actually contribute an articles to be published world wide in local Poly support/discussion group newsletter network.

View Lesson Plan for Local Polyamory Support /Discussion Groups

This page is a repository for Poly support/discussion groups. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader from this area if a PolyActivist would like his or her lesson plan to have graphics or PolyActivst can select entirely plain text lesson plan if she or he is only interested in content.

PolyActivist Alert System - Auto Notice Alert System

The PolyActivist Alert System is a system to alert PolyActivist electronically worldwide about issues of relevance to the Polyamorous community. The 2 elements of the PolyActivist Alert System is to subscribe to PolyActvist Alert System list and the Achieves of the PolyActivist Alert System. The PolyActivist Alert System is not intended or set-up to be an e-mail list only an one time alert message system. All dialog should be addressed to the poly-activism e-mail list. The Achieves of the PolyActivist Alert System is a repository of past posted alert messages.

View the PolyActivist Alert System Bulletin Board Here

Join the Polyactivist Alert System List Here

PolyActivist Commission

The Polyactivist Commission is a commission of the Polyamory Society that works in conjunction with the Polyactivist Network in supporting the Polyamory Institution and Community. The Polyactivist Commission serves a critical mission within the Polyamory Society. The Commission is responsible for ensuring that the Society remains sincere to it's overall mission of serving the Societies membership and Polyamory Community. The Polyactivist Commission is the conscience and soul of the Polyamory Society.

PolyActivist Commission Mission and Responsibilities:
  1. Review each Local Chapters PolyFamily Advocacy Divisions annual report. After review by the Commission if it is determined that a specific activity(s) may be of some benefit to PolyFamilies universally, the Local Chapter may be required to present a workshop at the Annual Convention. The annual report is to be Addressed to the Polyactivist Commission.

  2. Review the Societies PolyFamily Advocacy Divisions annual report. The annual report is to be Addressed to the Polyactivist Commission.

  3. Provide an annual report and recommendations to the Board of Trustees and Annual Convention summarizing the Societies and the Local Chapter's PolyFamily Advocacy Division activities.

  4. The Polyactivist Commission has direct control over PolyFamily Advocacy Division. It makes rules governing PolyFamily Advocacy Division.

  5. Commission and study issues when appropriate.

  6. Study, issue and amend a Polyactivist Commission Statement of Conscience to Annual Convention and Polyamory Community.

  7. Facilitate, coordinate or sponsor workshops on issues as appropriate.

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