1. Be Nonjudgemental, by not expressing a judgment regarding their Lovestyle even though you may not approve, it is OK to voice your disapproval. State it in a Nonjudgemental way that brings greater closeness rather than isolation. Be objective without passing personal prejudices, biases, values, beliefs or judgement on your friend or family members choice of relationship. Instead educate yourself about Polyamory, be open minded, compassionate and tolerant of your friend or family members for the difficult decision that they have made. Detach yourself from what you feel or believe about nonmonogamous relationships and take care what you say to your friend or family member because they will likely remember your initial reaction which could potentially separate you if they perceive that you are being negative about their relationships. Keep in mind that this is a person whom you love and who loves and trusts you.

2. Support them in their decision and choice of the Polyamory Lovestyle even though you may not approve. There is no time in your friend or relatives life when they need your support more than now. Not your approval but your support because this is not an easy decision that your friend or relative has made. Polyamory goes against the mainstream cultural tradition and dominance of monogamy. However, Polyamory has its own rewards such as:

    a. Sharing your life, joys and sorrows with others that you care about.

    b. Having multiple partners to do things with.

    c. Having a deeper sense of satisfaction and contentment in the knowledge that you are connected to a group of people with whom you share a common bond and purpose.

    d. It brings a sense of adventure and discovery of what this lifestyle can add to your life.

    e. By pioneering the future family models of the next millennia.

    f. The personal freedom that comes from breaking the bonds of self denial and dishonesty concerning the belief that we human beings are capable of loving multiple people at the same time and coming to terms with the truth of your own beliefs.

    g. Helps to bring about personal liberation and self understanding and openness in knowing that you are not the only one with these feelings.

3. Listen to your friend or family member even though you may not approve of his or her choice.

4. Continue to love, accept and respect your friend or family member for the decision they have made for their life.

5. Ask about their partners (if any), be open and accepting of the significant others in their life. Because these are the people that your friend or relative loves and cares about.

6. Finally remember to be cautious not to be overly critical of your friend or family members choice because it will only put up a barrier between you and your friend or family member. Don't allow your disapproval to lead to alienation or estrangement, remember this is their life and choice not yours.

Hi! I'm Minx, and I'm Polyamorous

Comments and Questions on Helping Others Transition To The Polyamory Lovestyle