Polyamory Society PolyFamily Advocacy Division

Mission Statement: To support, assist and strengthen PolyFamilies of all forms and cultures with effective programs, services, information and resources in a spirit of responsibility and advocacy. To assist PolyFamilies in our community with issues and problems that confront them from infancy to old age, and from relationship(s) formation to dissolution through death or divorce.

Each Local Chapter is required to create and maintain a PolyFamily Advocacy Division and provide an annual report to the Society on their PolyFamily activities during that year. The annual report is due 90 days before the regular Annual Convention. The annual report is to be Addressed to the Polyactivist Commission. After review by the Commission if it is determined that a specific activity(s) may be of some benefit to PolyFamilies universally, the Local Chapter may be required to present a workshop at the Annual Convention. The Polyactivist Commission has control over PolyFamily Advocacy Division. It makes rules governing the PolyFamily Advocacy Division.

Some PolyFamilies Links:
Some Issues Confronting PolyFamilies:
PolyFamily Adolescent Behavior/Sexuality PolyFamily-friendly work Policy(ies)
PolyFamily Adoption PolyFamily Redefinition
PolyFamily Child Care PolyFamily Structures
PolyFamily Contraception PolyFamily Tax/Family Economics
PolyFamily Discipline of Children PolyFamily Time
PolyFamily Divorce PolyFamily Values

  • Media(s) in the Home
  • PolyFamily Parental Rights
  • PolyFamily Spiritual Choices
  • Pop cultures influence on PolyKids
  • School Choice for PolyKids
  • Sex Education and PolyKids
  • Work and PolyFamily
  • Discrimination
PolyFamily Education
PolyFamily Health Care
HomeSchooling Legal Services
Legislation Bigotry
Heath Issues Families/Individual Aging Issues

PolyParenting Network

The PolyParenting Network is a multifacted comprehensive PolyParenting directed resource, support group and network for PolyParents and PolyFamilies. The mission of the PolyParenting Network is:

  1. To help PolyChildren receive the love, hope, respect, support and services they need to achieve their full potential by strenghtening their PolyParents and PolyFamilies skills and knowledge.
  2. To mutually share information on the physical, psychological and social needs of PolyChildren, PolyParents and PolyFamilies;
  3. To mutually share successful PolyParenting techniques and skills;
  4. To mutually share information on the knowledgeable professionals who are well-trained and sensitive to the ongoing social, financial, health, emotional and educational needs of PolyChildren, PolyParents and PolyFamilies;
  5. To establish a ongoing PolyParenting mentoring and peer counseling training and certification program;

Some of the programs, products, services that the PolyParenting Network will help to facilitate the devolopment of include but will not be limited to is:

  • PolyParenting Mentoring and Peer Counseling Resources
  • Internet PolyParenting Resources
  • Local Chapter Support and Referrals
  • PolyParenting Polling and Surveying Resources
  • PolyParenting Grants

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