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There are many open and welcoming spiritual communities that Polyamorists and PolyFamilies are affiliated with.  This list is not complete by any stretch of the imagination.  This unofficial list will continue to grow as Polyamory becomes mainstream.  Please be aware that the Society is not endorsing or sanctioning any of these spiritual community links.  We are merely trying to provide the Polyamory Community with a list of spiritual communities that other Polys have found as a spiritual sanctuary and guidance in their past experience. 

Poly's Beware:  All spiritual communities should be thoroughly investigated and multiple members of their leadership should be questioned on their communities official and unofficial position on Polyamory before investing your time, money and spiritual soul.  Also note that even in openly aligned spiritual communities with the Polyamory Movement there have been known to be local autonomous affiliated groups that have displayed intolerance, bigotry, open hostility and  contempt towards Polyamory.  If you have had problems with one or more these listed groups including any one of their local affiliates.  Please report it to us so that we may pass on a Polyactivist Alert to others in the Spiritual Network.

SPIRITUAL POLYAMORY "Love Of All" Read by Author Mystic Life Church of the Four Quarters ATC The First Unitarian Church of Honolulu Church of All Worlds Circle Sanctuary The Pagan Federation on the Web Unitarian Universalists For Polyamory Awareness Unitarian Unversalist Association The Ethical Society The First Church of Polyamory The American Humanist Association The Association of Secular Humanism Liberated Christians The World Union of Deists The Agnostic Church The Church of Tantra

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