Polyamory Society Education Division

"The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of a larger idea, never returns to it's original size."
- Oliver Wendell Holmes

The Education Division is divided into 3 Education Branches:

(1) Children Education Branch

(2) Adult Education Branch

(3) PolyFamily Education Branch

The Education Division and its national staff functions as the Societies liaison between the 3 Education Branch(s), Local Chapters, government, education, corporate and professional groups. The Polyamory Societies Education Division is committed to ensuring that this current generation is the last to suffer from PolyPhobia.

The mission of the Polyamory Society Education Division is to raise awareness of issues relating to Polyamorists, PolyFamily Members and PolyRelationships Consisting of all kinds of educational mediums to include but not limited to audio, visual and text based educational materials, workshops, practical/ experience based training, community based programming conferences and retreats. Some of the Goals of the Education division are:

  1. To advocate change in the educational system which will result in a positive environment for Polyamorists, PolyFamilies and PolyRelationships.

  2. Ensuring that information and resources accurately represents Polyamory and the contributions of Polyamorists and PolyFamilies.

  3. Provide positive role models for young Polyamorists and all youth.

  4. The Division is Committed to stopping bigoted slurs and intolerance towards Polyamorists and PolyFamilies in the public by providing technical assistance, conducting training workshops, supplying "how to" guides, manuals, position papers and organizing the Societies network of Local Chapters to build on their natural community based alliances.

  5. To Bring issues concerning Polyamorist and PolyFamilies to the attention of educators and the general public by providing public education on Polyamory when needed.

  6. To ensure the educational system provide a safe and inclusive environment for Polyamorists, PolyFamilies and PolyRelationships.

  7. To provide information on Polyamory to educators.

  8. To increase the awareness of discrimination and harassment on the basis of the Polyamory Lovestyle.

  9. Provide support and professional development training for the general public on the issues of Polyamory.

  10. To provide resources and information for libraries and classrooms on Polyamory.

  11. To support and lobby for recognition and integration of Polyamory issues throughout the school curriculums and society.

  12. Provide effective non-harassment and anti-discrimination policies, training and training materials on Polyamory.

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