The Polyamory Adult Education Branch

The Polyamory Society Adult Education Branch exists for the purpose of leading and consolidating the efforts of individuals and groups working to achieve healthy development and constructive education for all Polymorist and PolyRelationships. The Polyamory Society and its Local Chapters are dedicated to improving the quality of life Polyamorist and PolyRelationships.

The Society and the Local Chapters will share and help to implement the Adult Education Branch primary mission:

Some of the programs, products, services that the Polyamory Society Children Education Branch will help to facilitate the devolopment of include but will not be limited to is:

  1. Establishment a Self Improvement Program to help Polyamorist to build and strengthen individual, interpersonal and group living skills;
  2. To educate PolyPartner(s) on elements that create PolyRelationships that are enduring and sustainable life Partnerships
  3. To establish a ongoing PolyAdult Mentoring and Peer Counseling training and certification program;
  4. To assist PolyPartner(s) with educational materials that will help their PolyRelationships become profoundly committed and personally growth oriented unions.
  5. To provide an educational forum for PolyPartner(s) to share their experience, expertise and insight with others.
  6. To offer PolyPartner(s) and PolyRelationships effective resources such as:

    (a) Educational Techniques

    (b) Skill Building Workshops and Seminars

    (c) Technical Books

    (d) Technical Videos

    (e) Technical CD ROM'S and Computer Programs

    (f) Technical Audio Medium and

    (g) Other Technical Media the will enhance PolyRelationship Survivability.

  7. The Polyamory Society Seal of Approval. Establish a consumer advocacy analysis program that rates Polyamorist and PolyRelationships programs, services and products. If the programs, services and or products demonstrate by analysis of the criteria to be of high value the good(s) or service(s) may be awarded the Polyamory Society Seal Approval.
  8. To facilitate improvements in the day to day life of Polyamorist and PolyRelationships;
  9. To provide fun interactive learning experiences and products for the Polyamorist and PolyRelationships;
  10. Devote attention to assure that programs, services and products of high quality for Polyamorist and PolyRelationships;
  11. Valuing and respecting diverse viewpoints and perspectives in all aspects of Polyamorist and PolyRelationships;
  12. Promoting inclusion, access, and nondiscrimination in the full range of programs, services and products serving Polyamorist and PolyRelationships;
  13. Designing programs, services and products that support individual and collective efforts to improve Polyamory programs a variety of sponsors, funding sources, and structures;
  14. Encouraging and supporting a strong network of Local Chapters, Aligned and Affiliated groups who provide leadership and opportunities at all levels of education for Polyamorist and PolyRelationships;
  15. To support the growth and development of Polyamorist and PolyRelationships through education, peer support and mentoring;
  16. Designing activities, programs, services and products that promote the need for and the recognition of Polyamorist and PolyRelationships professional expertise;
  17. To build and maintain a strong organizational structure and communication base between the Societies staff and Local Chapters that will provide educational leadership, coordination, programs, products and services to Polyamorist and PolyRelationships;
  18. To establish and promote a comprehensive articulated system of professional development for individuals working in Polyamory settings at all levels.
  19. Assist in the development and analysis of Polyamory public policy. Establish and promote the application of guidelines to create or expand public policies that serve the best interests of Polyamorist and PolyRelationships.
  20. Develop and distribute current information to members, media, policy makers, and the public regarding:
  21. (1) The importance of learning about Polyamorist and PolyRelationships;

    (2) The contributions of good programs in promoting Polyamorist and PolyRelationships education and development;

    (3) The characteristics that distinguish high quality programs from mediocre/poor programs;

    (4) Barriers to high quality programs for Polyamorist, PolyRelationships and

    (5) Strategies to address these barriers;

  22. To award grants to those researchers, professionals and individuals who share a desire to serve and act on behalf of the needs and rights of Polyamorist and PolyRelationships.

Comments and Questions About the Adult Education Branch