"My partner-wife and I have been talking about how you've been staring at me all night!" The first thing that came out of her mouth was "She knows that I'm interested in you?", in this surprised tone.  Da'ah...  Hello, anybody home in there... This woman had only been playing goo, goo eyes with me all night.  I responded with "hell yes! She knows, and if you have any interest or intentions of going out on a date or anything else with me you will have to meet and get to know my partner." All of sudden this lady started getting weird on me.

New issues for my Poly growth to ponder. What happens when someone shows interest in you and you are interested in them but don't know enough about them to determine if they could accept our Polyamory Lovestyle, either now or sometime in the future?  This is where the agony comes in, trying to size them up and determine if a relationship is possible. What do I tell them about Polyamory?  When do I tell about Polyamory?  How do I break the Polyamory topic to them?  Should I?  Shouldn't I?  Should I?  Shouldn't I?  Do I really want to get involved with this person? I Should not get involved? Because if I do and I find out they cannot accept Poly, then I have to break up with them. Then everyone ends up getting hurt...... On the other hand if the person is really showing an interest in me. Would it be fair to them not to give them the chance to be open-minded about Polyamory. Or at least become accustomed to the idea of Polyamory. Also you never know, it is just possible that the person may turn out to be Poly and if I don't ask, I will never find out and could be missing out on a potential Poly partner...... Any way you look at it this is not for the faint hearted.

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   Life is to be enjoyed - So love fully!

- Gary Hines


Affirmations by Marcia Mills

My subconscious mind is a twenty-four hour photographer, recording every item I see.  It is important to my mental, emotional and spiritual health that the things I see create images in my mind of who I am or what I want to be.  My environment should reconfirm my identify and the things I want.  Is my home peaceful?  Orderly?  Safe?  Are there pictures and artifacts that reflect the images I aspire to live up to?  Does my work environment promote my creativity?  Does it foster healthy communication?  Does it look like a place I want to be?  Is my social environment relaxing?  Am I with the type of people I want around me?  Do my family and friends support me and make me feel welcomed?  Important? Free?  Or am I restricted?  Oppressed?  Unproductive?  I can only live up to the images in my mind.  Make sure that what I see does not keep me in a place I do not want to be.