The Polyamory Society Newsletter
The Polyamory Society's Newsletter is online! This is the newsletter for the
Polyamory Society located in the Metro Washington DC area.
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Book of Poetry
The book of Polyamorous poetry is a work in progress. It does not even
have a name. Poetry is one of the most powerfull ways that we express
the lives that we live as well as being the most aesthetic.  Watch for
this publication and please contact us if you have poetry to submit or
you know someone who does.

Future Publications
In future we would like to have literature for children. This would
include a coloring book, stories, and a magazine that reflects and
supports the lives of children who live in Polyamorous families.

Send us submissions for our Publications. We look for articles on any
aspect of Polyamory. Also poetry, newsy features, humor, and events.
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