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You Be The Judge!!!
Poly Article on Nerve.com... Article Emphasis Is On Sex & Who Sleeping With Whom...
You Be The Judge!!!
PolyFamily Child Taken Away After Appearing on MTV Show About Polyamory... PolyFamily Child Custody Case Ends After 2 Year Battle... Poly Film Made By & For PolyFolks - "When Two Won't Do" Visit The Website Read the Toronto Globe Article on Poly Filmmakers Maureen Marovitch & David Finch UTNE READER Article on Polyamory Positive or Negative You Be the Judge... The Boston Phoenix Article on Polyamory The Honolulu Weekly Article on Pali Paths Polyamory Support Group Former Governor Roy Romer of Colorado Outed What do Patricia Ireland and Warren Buffett Have in Common? Poly Food for Thought: Longer Life Spans and Monogamy Ryam's Radio Interview Experience and Issues of Bisexuality
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