The Mission of the Polyamory Society is:

1. To Support, Defend and Promote the Social Institution of Polyamory.

2. To Educate NonPolyamorists about Polyamory.

3. To Be an Information Clearinghouse And Repository of Historical Polyamory Archives on Polyamory.

4. To Enhance, Assist, Support and Cooperate with Other Polyamory Groups and Organizations in Goods and Services They Provide to the Polyamory Community.

5. To Support Accurate Representation and Preservation of Polyamory as a Relationship Style for Future Generations.

6. To Assist in the Creation of Polyamory Relationship Contractual Agreements.

7. To Assist in the Creation of Contractual Agreements That Protect Poly Children, Document Their Rights and Responsibilities for Them.

8. To Assist in the Establishment of a Progressive Family Federally Insured Community Development Credit Union & Trust That Provides Loans, Mortgages and Trusts to Polyfamilies. To Offer Polyfamily Retirement Plans and an Internet Banking Division.

9. To Assist in the Establishment of a Progressive Family Insurance Cooperative That Provides Life and Health Policies to Polyamorists and Their Polyfamilies.

10. To Assist in the Creation of Goods & Services That Will Enhance Polyamorous Living.

11. To Sponsor the Polyamory Community Honors Acknowledging Deserving Polyamorists, Friends and Supporters of Polyamory for Their Efforts.

12. To Sponsor and Support a Polyamory Family Day to Celebrate and Publicize Our Choice of Lovestyle.

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